Saturday, June 12, 2010

An overdue update (part 1)

Ha ha. Okay, I lied. I wasn't going to post any projects like I said in the previous post, because I had a very good reason. I moved eight hours away to North Carolina, which has been a bit of a whirlwind. I've accepted a full time at a corporate office. Just think, when I started this journal I was barely working, and trying to find time, and now I can barely find time for myself. :)

That is why I am going to treat you today to a VERY large update. That's right. I'm cleaning out my sewing bin and showing you a few finished projects, and a couple that are almost finished.

There may possibly be two updates today to accommodate the amount of items I'm wanting to show.

This first update will show you a couple of random things that have been started, finished, etc.

Yes, that blasted martini glass beading project! It's beaded and done. I loved how it turned out. My next plan is to sew it to some felt, and add a pin hardware on the back. It's around the size to make a lovely jacket pin.
FYI, Seed beads are nearly impossible to thread using a regular wide head needle. Beading needles are amazing. They're nice a flexible, and in the end you don't have to sort through all your beads, because some won't fit around the thread hole.
Lesson learned. Lesson. Learned.


I found some of the cutest Rockabilly-esque fabric at JoAnn's, which I used in my Rockabilly swap on Craftster. My items have not been posted yet. I don't think my partner has received them yet, and I was a big dummy (more like busy dummy) and forgot to take pictures of everything I made.

I however, received her swap box, and all I can say is that it was a humbling experience. The girl is an amazing sewer, and I feel like I should have been paying her money for all the nice items I received from her.

If you click the craftster link, and scroll down till you see my name (mrs.christopher) and a lot of pictures, then you can view what goodies I got.

Swaps are amazing things. Sometimes you end up with utter junk that you let your dog eat off of, and other times you end up with the gold mine I ended up getting. Score! :) I will definately be doing it again.

An overdue update (part 2)

This post will be all about the pinups. Here's a couple more projects that are almost completed.

This is a small handbag I am working on. All it needs is the handles, and then some finished stitching around the arm and leg. I originally made this for the Rockabilly swap, but didn't want to bombard my partner with pinup items, because I know some ladies (who are probably jealous) find pinups revolting and demeaning. I personally like pinups, because it shows the beauty of a long forgotten era. I all about figures and art as well. It beats looking at pictures of trees all day. :)

Sorry about the wrinkles, guys! These came out of my sewing bin, so everything's folded, creased, stuffed... etc. Heh-heh.

Face close up

The Koi Tattoo

Another shot of the pinup

The Tattoo pinup project is intended to become a pillow. I finished this a while back. Surprisingly it didn't take me too long to finish.

Do you like Zombies? Hell yeah, you do. Zombies are one of the newest and quick growing pop-culture phenomenons. In dedication to all you Zombie lovers I decided to do a simple stitch project crossing two of my favorite subjects, Zombies and Pinups.

There's still some minor-teeny details I need to finish on her.

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper/blood stains on her apron. (Bad quality photo) :(

Just a close-up. How nice.. she baked you a cake.

Well, this is all the updates I have for everyone. I hope you've enjoyed browsing.

See something you like?
If you are interested in purchasing anything, or even commissioning an item, then please don't hesitate to contact me. :) I'm fair with pricing.