Friday, December 18, 2009


I promised you better pictures. I've also included a 50's housewife that I'm not crazy about for numerous things.
I hate how the powder-puff turned out. I looked at my husband after I finished it and said, "Uhhgh, it looks like she's eating a fuzzy doughnut." The other project I've included is a gamer phrase from the game "Portal" on the "Orange Box". "The Cake is a Lie!" Is scribbled across the wall in one scene. Since in the point of the game you're testing a companies new weapon and at the end you'll get freedom AND CAKE. I'd go into more detail, but this blog is a sewing blog and not a gaming one.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


You should have figured out by now that I LOVE pin-ups. It's a common bond that my husband and I enjoy. We love the 1940's-50's thing. I think we're intrigued by the simplicity of life back then, but everything was so elegant and classy. Women don't do their hair and makeup everyday, wear skirts, stockings, garters, or even dance anymore. Nobody throws on their furs and pearls, and heads out to a nice restaurant with a swingin' big Band.
I've always believed I was born during the wrong era. Now, figuring out which era I'm suppose to be in is the hard part.

My completed project this week is a pin up with fishnet stockings. I'm so sorry about the picture. Pillows and scanners = disaster picture. Whenever I get a chance I'll be sure to get out the digital camera. This project was fun.

Also, a little secret between you and I.... her boobs are padded as well.

Not into pinups? Don't fret, I'll most likely be uploading some more goodies soon. :)

Live long and prosper.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Time? What's that!?

I'm a frequenter of It's an amazing site, and a HUGE creativity burst. People often find out such things like placing plastic beads in a metal bowl and baking them for 15 minutes equal one groovy looking lampshade. Anyways, I wanted to show this post, and how AMAZING this lady is!

There is NO WAY I would have the time, or patience to even attempt something like that! It's truely amazing and over 30,000 stitches! Talk about being cross-eyed after working on that for a day.

If you happen to find yourself on craftster my user-name is mrs_christopher.

Okay, here we go.

You know, writing a "real" blog is kind of a scary thing. It's not like a journal where you can just spout off random things about what you ate for breakfast, who you hate that week, or how much you hate work.

Well, it's December 7th, 2009. My husband Paul after being on unemployment for over six months has returned to work, and I am once again stuck around the house. I work part-time for a photography studio, but my hours are limited. I wanted to start this blog to achieve a goal. You know how people make resolutions? Well, I wanted to do something different. I want to involve something that I can ACTUALLY finish. Yeah, many people say, "I'll quit smoking.", or "I'll lose 50 pounds."

I want to take that concept, but apply it to hand-sewing, and needlework. I've recently taken a keen interest to embroidery and cross stitching. In fact, I want to do this every week. I want to challenge myself to complete ONE needle-work project per week. That's 55 weeks.

Who knows about now, but I'll most likely set up a store to sell everything. So keep an eye open.

Be well, Fellow Citizen.