Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just a couple of old bags

Oh wow, it's been a while!

I have one slightly brand new bag, and one I just made hours ago.
I have been occupying my time with work, and also Project Runway, the most greatest inspiring show in the universe! ((GO MONDO!!))

Anyways, I have completed some sewing projects at work, but I sadly having sat down to take any pictures of them, but I will go ahead and show these little lovelies off!
I made this elvis inspired tote for the rockabilly swap on Craftster. I was fairly please with it, and hopefully, so was the recipient.


I cranked this purse out in a whopping two hours! Take that Chinese sweat shop children!! Actually, I'm quite sure they could sew this purse in minutes.

I fell in love with the flapper button at JoAnn's. My hubby was kind enough to buy me a few things on a date night, and they'd been sitting in my craft stash for a while, and I finally found a home for her.

The other black and white buttons are actually brads, which are mostly used in everyday offices for reports, booklets... etc.

The bag is made of black canvas, and includes some nice white piping to jazz it up a bit. Insanely enough, I have a black hat with white piping that matches this perfectly. Talk about trendy!

SPEAKING of trendy, thanks to my fabulous husband Paul for showing the world that my bag can be doubled as a hat in case of a bad hair day.

Thanks, Hunny!