Monday, December 7, 2009

Okay, here we go.

You know, writing a "real" blog is kind of a scary thing. It's not like a journal where you can just spout off random things about what you ate for breakfast, who you hate that week, or how much you hate work.

Well, it's December 7th, 2009. My husband Paul after being on unemployment for over six months has returned to work, and I am once again stuck around the house. I work part-time for a photography studio, but my hours are limited. I wanted to start this blog to achieve a goal. You know how people make resolutions? Well, I wanted to do something different. I want to involve something that I can ACTUALLY finish. Yeah, many people say, "I'll quit smoking.", or "I'll lose 50 pounds."

I want to take that concept, but apply it to hand-sewing, and needlework. I've recently taken a keen interest to embroidery and cross stitching. In fact, I want to do this every week. I want to challenge myself to complete ONE needle-work project per week. That's 55 weeks.

Who knows about now, but I'll most likely set up a store to sell everything. So keep an eye open.

Be well, Fellow Citizen.

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