Thursday, December 17, 2009


You should have figured out by now that I LOVE pin-ups. It's a common bond that my husband and I enjoy. We love the 1940's-50's thing. I think we're intrigued by the simplicity of life back then, but everything was so elegant and classy. Women don't do their hair and makeup everyday, wear skirts, stockings, garters, or even dance anymore. Nobody throws on their furs and pearls, and heads out to a nice restaurant with a swingin' big Band.
I've always believed I was born during the wrong era. Now, figuring out which era I'm suppose to be in is the hard part.

My completed project this week is a pin up with fishnet stockings. I'm so sorry about the picture. Pillows and scanners = disaster picture. Whenever I get a chance I'll be sure to get out the digital camera. This project was fun.

Also, a little secret between you and I.... her boobs are padded as well.

Not into pinups? Don't fret, I'll most likely be uploading some more goodies soon. :)

Live long and prosper.

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