Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm back!

I'm back from a quite busy holiday season, which I hope will explain the lack of updates around here.

While I haven't fully completed my projects I wanted to at least upload them up to show progress.

My first project I've been working on is another pin up lady holding a heart in her hand. I'm going to make this into an accent pillow. It measures a little under a foot. I think it turned out nice. I'm excited to finish it up. Underneath the white fabric is already padded with some polyester filling just to give it more of a 3D effect. I ALSO have taken up some bead working. I actually had some extra Christmas money and invested in a small container of seed beads. I never realized how much of a hassle they would become. I suppose I need a smaller needle, because I'll spend an HOUR trying find beads that will actually thread. It's a beginners error I suppose. :)
Again, it's another incomplete project. I hope someone can tell that it's a martini glass in the making. There's plenty of holes I need to fill as well as finish up the stem of the glass. Hopefully, it won't look too crappy when I'm though. ;_; I'd hate to of wasted all that time.

My poor fingers. >_<

Anyways, happy trails, Everyone!

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