Friday, March 5, 2010

Make your own dress form

Like every other DIY fashion designer in the world you come to a point in your life when you decide to dressform, or not?

My answer is simple. If you are made completely out of Benjamin Franklin's then be my guest and spend 200 dollars for your dressform. Oh wait, you're NOT a size 0-10? Well then, since the sewing industry still doesn't recognize that a plus sized civilization exists perhaps it would be best if you spent $600 on a one size mannequin, because we know you'll remain the same size for probably the rest of your life.

Okay, enough with the Andy Rooney Sarcasm.

While surfing about the web looking for decent Plus size patterns I decided to do a quick search for plus size dress forms, because I'm not the skinny teen I use to be who could try on garments unscathed by the pokes of pins and needles, and also because I'm no dummy. I can make my own patterns. I've watched project runway enough. Heheh.

I came across this E-HOW tutorial:
It seems that one can now make themselves a working dress form from duct tape, packaging tape, and other forms and objects.
Phew, and I thought my last option was going to be plaster molds.


If you are looking for embroidery projects, then I'm posting. Nothing of course is completed, but I'll give a glimpse into what I've been putting my fingers to off and on for the past month.

The spiral tail has only merely been touched.
I suppose I need to just suck it up and stop procrastinating, and just finish the damn thing.

Au revoir, Lovies!

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